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A friend bought Tomita's Bando Tamasaburo Tenshu story - an RCA album of a play with dialog and Tomita's then new classical interpretations

which contains Daphnis et chloe some years before the album as well as of Nudges, from Ultimate Claire de Lune - only both are interrupted by dramatic dialog. Also if I didn't send the link, I found this on youtube - amazing funky Tomita film score with shakuhachi, sitar ? & Moog HANZO THE RAZOR: THE SNARE

I'm sure he's not playing shakuhachi but I wonder if he's playing sitar since of course he has sitar on the classical albums now and again

I found a very early Tomita funk soundtrack with Moog - Bikkuri Bushido (1972) - Picked up the new CD "Tomita Sound Tracks" SOST-3025 - has some things I've not heard - like 2 cuts from this, but not essential or a CD he supervised. Basically it's all the scores he made for Shochiku Films (between 1965 and 2012). Has some material on other CDs like Welcome Mach Hayabusa and Gakku I, II & III (but adds Gakku IV) Shochiku calls it 1972 and lists S47 in parenthesis. I think there is some weird math, not. punting from January 1 and there is no year zero. You sometimes hear professionals having to reference a table - and I found one and it said "1972" like on the cd... and of course the Moog shipped in 1971

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NJ♊ on Twitter: "On 24th September in 1987 Michael jackson visited Isao Tomita,one of the pioneers of electronic music&space music 🎹"

Gotyettes on Twitter: "Pioneering electronic music composer Isao Tomita, who inspired #Gotye's "Atimot Ot Edo", has passed away #riptomita" timot Ot Edo

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